There’s nothing more exhilarating
than being on the sea!

RoDa Boats has a big and well equipped fleet of speedboats, motorboats and sailing yachts on the island.
Have a thrilling speedboat ride or enjoy the scenery on deck of one of our sail yachts with your family.

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If you are now planning your vacation and want to do something special, adventurous and exciting, our team will be happy to help you. RoDa Boats is a charter company that offers sailing yachts and motor boats for a short- (from 1 day) or long-term charter.

The magnificent Spanish island, where we are located, Mallorca, is famous not only for 300 days of sun a year and average temperature above 20 degrees from April till November, but also for its beautiful caves, bays, golden sandy beaches, picturesque cliffs and turquoise water. Altogether, it makes this island a perfect place for sailing and enjoying being on the water.

From our fleet we are able to offer you boats and yachts for a couple or a family, a group of friends or a someone who wants to spend some time alone just with the company of the sea and the fresh sea breeze. We will be happy to provide you with everything needed for a comfortable and remarkable vacation, give suggestions for sailing routes and offer extra equipment for more fun on the water!

Keep in mind, that the boats which do not require a sailing license are also at your disposal here. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to provide you with an unforgettable experience!

Pick a boat out of our fleet

  • VENA 420

    Safe, comfortable and it doesn’t only look fast…... Fully equipped with a nice Bimini and luxurious upholstery. Suitable for trips along the coast or to look at the caves.

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  • Janmor 550

    A beautiful and stylish console boat which is perfect for touring and fishing. Enjoy the quality in every detail. Spacious, comfortable and safe, suitable for the families with kids.

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  • Silver 405 s

    A small, elegant boat in a classic shape, has been designed for a day out in the sea or fishing trips. An easily foldable roof will protect you during the hottest hours.

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  • Nexo third

    SBeautiful Italian design. A cabin yacht with a drive for sports. The shape of the hull and the ergonomics of the rigging guarantee planning with the use of standard set of sails.

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